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Two tales


appy valentine's day1

Minutes away the winds blew sharp, Minutes away they seemed too far

At a time they were close, minutes away they were separated by far.

He walked his dreams every day, She caressed her pain on the very day.

His walk was tough but he couldn’t stop, her agony was deep still she loved apart.


Years ago his heart went gazing, years earlier she missed her beats

For him, his love was always absent, lost her love she made him present.

Like the rains, they never met closer, like the clouds they were held together,

He missed his beats looking at her, she made beats count when he was never.


Her loss made him break initially, his loss made him live in her eventually.

With every tear dropping, we wished she came alive, with blood lost filled her with inner pride.

He lost while battling his overcoming desire, she lost him while on border facing a fire.

His love for her was more physical, her love for him was universal and eternal.


He lived her pain trying to cope, she made him live even when there was no scope

He loved her one-sided while she made him absent, she loved him eternal while he was in heaven.

The story is of two best lovers, one with a guy who never got his love and one of a girl who lost him as a soldier..!!

-Viraj Lele

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