Decades of Love


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Closing in the morning the weather shined bright,

The guy closed his meeting and the girl was with her bag.

Clutching through the crowds she walked fast,

as the time was less and too little to pass.


He headed downstairs tossing his boss’s  look,

With a fear of getting late he turned around the staired hook.

She watched her way to the junction in hope of a ride,

but to her dismay there wasn’t even one to guide.


Donned in formals he ran across the street,

She was looking exquisite with a purple clutch in the middle of the street.

Hitting on the florist he picked up a few,

with a hope to surprise her hiding a ring covered in dew.


She reached the restaurant with no option but to walk,

booking the table where they had their First talk.

Knowing that guys are always late and with no time to wait,

she ordered a “Latte” like on their first date.


Glancing the corner he saw her amongst the rattle,

it was on 18th when their hearts had chattered.

Silently closing on her he made his move like a cat,

holding her from behind and closing her eyes for no one to look at.


She knew it was him the way he did the first time,

a Decade had passed with love growing every time.

They did this every year to celebrate their anniversary,

with a promise to each other to never create a wary !!

-Viraj Lele

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Plant a seed…..


Thanks to today’s morning, I have been thinking about a simple fact of a seed growing and how closely it is related to our journey of LIFE!!


I have been thinking about a simple fact of a seed growing and how closely it is related to our journey of LIFE!!

Since the beginning, we have been cared all over by our lovely parents giving us the cushioning like the soil giving it to the seed. Taking its utmost care and being protective in its growing age. Though the seed later leaves the soil but is still held by it, signifies as we grow we have our own ways and own lives to lead but we are still attached to that force which generates us and cares for us no matter how far we go and that’s our parents.

Adding water gives seed the courage to come out of its comfort zone, start making its base, break its shield and keep on going deep in ground to make a firm base: This role is played well by one’s Teacher/ Guru who makes the child realize his/her potential and strives day and night behind it to help it grow, make a firm base, break its comfort zone and make it ready for the change to face the outside world. (A well-said quote:”Change starts at the end of one’s comfort zone”) An interesting point here is, as the water disappears post doing its work but retains its qualities, the same is the role of a teacher who stands back behind his student and looks at his journey, believing in the child to grow, trains him for the outside world, though he (Teacher)isn’t physically present throughout the journey his teachings are there till the end helping the child grow.

As the plant starts its journey once sprouting out of the ground, it is greeted by the light giving him the direction to grow, to realize its way, mark its journey and create its own significance. Friends, family, relatives, close acquaintances, and bestie’s play this role of helping the seed grow. Friends being the important part as one spends most of the time with them. Again a well said quote “Surround yourself by people who help you grow”.

The incidences in life (good or bad) are like the weather conditions which either create hindrances in the journey of seed, or can even ameliorate it. In each case the seed never decides to go back to the soil, but stands firmly fighting all odds, giving us a lesson of not looking back but to fight our way ahead. Here comes the important part of its roots and the soil, the stronger its roots are, the more it can withstand and grow, similarly the more stronger ones nurturing and teaching’s are the more ahead a child goes.

The best part which I like about the plant comes now of being grounded but with work and strength of reaching the sky. A word each human has to be kept reminded, may your work, success and persona reach sky highs but always be grounded and thankful to the ones and Almighty Lord who helped you grow and make you what you are today, they may not be physically present, but because of them you are what you are today…!!

Happy reading.

-Viraj Lele

(P.S : Was pinched by this thought in morning and decided to pen it, with me as the seed and the people around as my support systems including my lovely bloggers. It took a lot of time to make the image as I was editing over to get the right fit. Hope you all love it.)

The Quote Challenge


Hello, everyone!

Today’s the third and the last day for the Quote Challenge. Thank you, Anjali Soni for nominating me.

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The quote with which I liveby everyday….

Since the beginning of my junior college, as I had my personal experiences, I was stimulated in putting my thoughts in words. With the blessings of and gratitude to God I started writing down my views and opinions keeping them in front of my audience.

The thought seeded in my mind everyday I wake up is to, “Live Today as if its my Last..” and think as if, “I am gonna live forever.” With this quote I can relate to what Sir Lincoln said above.

Making each and every memory count, be it waking up late hurrying behind in search of clothes, going to the bathroom and taking a cold shower (getting the jitters now as I write) then cramming stuff in bag and leaving for work so that you don’t miss the 9am local etc.etc. The above things seem to be desultory but these small things later make you laugh when you sit quietly and  ponder on them. These things along with the planned ones are all part of your beautiful journey called LIFE and enjoying them to the core and way they are is the secret of happiness.

As rightly said age is just a number, a person living 100 years without joy is just a piece of human mass than the one living for 60 years but making most of each day. Your Attitude towards the events is what matters and sets you apart from the crowd who live everyday for the sake of living.

The true joy always lies in giving and seeing someone happy because of you, a feeling can’t be explained but can only be experienced. Believe in giving and Forgiving, as it gives peace to you and the other person as well. As such gestures will make you complete with the universe and serve your prime goal of being on this earth to keep harmony to who all comes in your life and pray for their goodwill. Hence the quote, “Add Life to years and not years to your LIFE.. “

 Many more things to share which I will through my future posts, at present will say seeya till the next time, as my boss is in the next cubicle and is approaching me.(LOL At work presently)….

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North Wind’s Journey

With all the Joy,

-Viraj Lele

One more Prayer


Praying hands

The rain stopped falling today.

All of the clouds seemed to have gone away.

The sun shone bright and clear;

The dew sparkled with glistening, radiant cheer.

Upon each flower, a smile and a touch of laughter appeared.

A song came singing amidst the wind so cool and calm,

Making me remind the view of the pristine palm.

Why then Lord, do I feel such despair?

Feeling overloaded with worldly cares?

Why then O Lord, are my eyes filled with much sorrow and tears?

My heart aches for comfort,

My mind for peaceful refuge through the power of prayer.

Though I have perceived all the beauty around me,

My spirit cries out loudly;

“O Lord I am empty and bare.”

Hoping to hear your sweet voice once again,

I plead in travail.

“Lord cleanse me from all my sins,

and let your Divine light enter in;

Remember me, as I Remember you,

Make me pure and sweet as you.”

Your sweet, forgiving love flows like a river.

Breaking all the barriers of my lonely fear.

Always be with me and hold my soft hands,

So that I can sleep peaceful, on thy shoulder Dear !!

-Viraj Lele

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Sense of HOLY touch…



Castles shine on the way uphill,

Stars gracing the sloppy mill,

There came this sound from amongst the hill,

Which shook me over in the daisy grill.

With hard to describe what’s in the mind,

I thought it must have been the person in staying in sill.

The chilling weather kept me freezed,

unable to think I was left in geez.

Those surprising expressions were caught on sight by a

person standing in the Holy light.

Coming closer I felt his sense ;

As if God had come with his Holy presence.

Deeply whispering in my little ears,

It was my God saying cheers.

The sound reverberated in my ears,

His Holy touch on my forehead left me in Joyful tears.

With that happy moment I continued my way,

This time with clear perseverance and a pleasant gay !!

-Viraj Lele

Sip by Sip…



With the winters coming over, I felt the chilling in my room,

Waiting for the night to pass, calling the sun to shine over.

The time went shy and stopped moving,

Causing the degree to fall dip by dip.

On the bed, I lazed down bored,

looking at the clock with 11pm on hold.

The rising winter made things chiller,

It was the time to make it Miller.

A desperate wish of an icejuice popped,

Lickering in my mind, my jaw dropped.

Wearing up the jacket he on feet,

Asking for a drive on the skating street.

With jubilant joy I tossed up on bed,

remembering the day, that his Treat was left.

On the shy night we drove past snow,

Killing the cold and punching my low.

On the edge of kirby in came ‘Sonic’

We drove the car as if in panic.

He ordered at once my favourite Oreo shake,

SIP BY SIP I relished it, giving him a gaze.

Putting the car on top gear, We drove back home,

With heart filled joy we enjoyed the Chiller !!

(Remembering December cold)

-Viraj Lele

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Pangong Panoramas


With its body down apart shining in the sun

and glowing in the dark.

A mix of colors throwing apart, scintillized its

beauty in the eyes of past.

With the white sand blushing away its aura,

The waters of aroma kissed its face hard.

I walked along the shore making the water ripple,

With shadow following me licking the water twinkle.

Chirping birds played their skills, all along the shore,

Some going deep while some flattered in the search of more.

With the range of mountains protecting its little daughter,

I walked passed Pangong exhaling laughter.

With the sun changing its path and preparing for its rest,

The blue Pangong turned its color like the paper of litmus test.

Taking this phenomena down my young heart,

I closed my eyes in serene letting the breeze pierce apart.

With a day full of Extrapolation had caused me to tire,

But the Panorama of Pangong broke this huge mire..!!

-Viraj Lele
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Take me away with the Sand



Walking along on a long day

hitting the sand on a high.

Taking the sea breeze in,

I walked my way under the sky.

The ocean was covered,

by the blanket of sun.

With its light piercing in the water,

like that of an arrow in the sky.

Up above my head

was the sun shining light,

Guiding all my steps

and giving me the flight.

On the shore, I walked on and on,

With the waves hitting me and

taking the sand beneath my paws.

I looked down and saw the glittering sand,

shining on me and making the sun shy.

On moving ahead, I experienced

Twin pictures,

The water of the ocean,

cleaning the dirty mixtures.

The hiding stones appeared

like Crystals,

Looking as pure as the

Diamonds of Gestern.

The beauty of this water,

kept me mesmerized.

Purifying the land and soil

all along the years abide.

With the flashing waves

striking me again,

I saw the purification

happening again.

I wished that water could

Take me away with the sand,

Making me serene and

Purifying me like the one in my hand !!

-Viraj Lele

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Importance of TODAY


As the shining rays of sun pierces

the dark night and brings in the day,

I wake amidst the sun and believe


The glowing light refreshes me,

fills me with energy,

I walk on the grass bare feet

and experience the fantasy.

The breeze that comes gushing

my face leaves me gazed,

I run up the hill to hug it and

lie down amazed.

The flowing river castling down

brushes away my feet,

I look at its purity and bow down

to kiss the lovely treat.

As the shining sun eludes and

takes its rays away,

I thank God to make me understand, the importance of Today !!

-Viraj Lele
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