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Winter Arrives



The morning shades carried the cream,

as sun came out of the clouds.

With every inch rising in the sky,

as the time passed about.


The rays kept on marching,

clearing the gloomy night,

They fell upon my face,

Letting it about to shine.


I woke up with the rays, rising on my bed,

leaving behind the dreams, which I saw last night.

Stepping the feet on floor caused a mystic clime,

someone was on the door waiting for the climb.


As I made my day towards the quite kitchen,

a naughty cold wind playing me over dropped a giving sensation.

I opened up the window, heading my head out in the sky,

a cool breeze kissed me over leaving my lips shy.


With “a deep feeling of LOVE  freezed on my soul case”,

I looked up at the sky with a glee on my face.

Thanking God I ran to my door,

“Winter arrived at my staircase.., wanting to give me more..!!”


-Viraj Lele




One more Prayer


Praying hands

The rain stopped falling today.

All of the clouds seemed to have gone away.

The sun shone bright and clear;

The dew sparkled with glistening, radiant cheer.

Upon each flower, a smile and a touch of laughter appeared.

A song came singing amidst the wind so cool and calm,

Making me remind the view of the pristine palm.

Why then Lord, do I feel such despair?

Feeling overloaded with worldly cares?

Why then O Lord, are my eyes filled with much sorrow and tears?

My heart aches for comfort,

My mind for peaceful refuge through the power of prayer.

Though I have perceived all the beauty around me,

My spirit cries out loudly;

“O Lord I am empty and bare.”

Hoping to hear your sweet voice once again,

I plead in travail.

“Lord cleanse me from all my sins,

and let your Divine light enter in;

Remember me, as I Remember you,

Make me pure and sweet as you.”

Your sweet, forgiving love flows like a river.

Breaking all the barriers of my lonely fear.

Always be with me and hold my soft hands,

So that I can sleep peaceful, on thy shoulder Dear !!

-Viraj Lele

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Take me away with the Sand



Walking along on a long day

hitting the sand on a high.

Taking the sea breeze in,

I walked my way under the sky.

The ocean was covered,

by the blanket of sun.

With its light piercing in the water,

like that of an arrow in the sky.

Up above my head

was the sun shining light,

Guiding all my steps

and giving me the flight.

On the shore, I walked on and on,

With the waves hitting me and

taking the sand beneath my paws.

I looked down and saw the glittering sand,

shining on me and making the sun shy.

On moving ahead, I experienced

Twin pictures,

The water of the ocean,

cleaning the dirty mixtures.

The hiding stones appeared

like Crystals,

Looking as pure as the

Diamonds of Gestern.

The beauty of this water,

kept me mesmerized.

Purifying the land and soil

all along the years abide.

With the flashing waves

striking me again,

I saw the purification

happening again.

I wished that water could

Take me away with the sand,

Making me serene and

Purifying me like the one in my hand !!

-Viraj Lele

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Lost Alone


With the breeze on shore kissing my hair,

Fluffing it up and down like the one in rare.

Looking at the horizon at the very far end,

 I sat on bench with  Ice cream in my hand.

The orange sun kept looking at me in complete Awe,

With its light spreading over the ocean seeming to dance Zing-Zong.

With the walks of crowd roam around me,

The Loneliness went about.

Looking up at the sky, saw the moon staring at me

I kept laughing looking at him, at the two corners of his ring.

With the sun setting as the time passed taking its rays behind the CAST;

The clouds roamed above me with great pleasure but nothing to ask.

I got up and continued my Walk;

With a hope in heart, that one day I will assemble the same CAST!!

-Viraj Lele
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