Plant a seed…..


Thanks to today’s morning, I have been thinking about a simple fact of a seed growing and how closely it is related to our journey of LIFE!!


I have been thinking about a simple fact of a seed growing and how closely it is related to our journey of LIFE!!

Since the beginning, we have been cared all over by our lovely parents giving us the cushioning like the soil giving it to the seed. Taking its utmost care and being protective in its growing age. Though the seed later leaves the soil but is still held by it, signifies as we grow we have our own ways and own lives to lead but we are still attached to that force which generates us and cares for us no matter how far we go and that’s our parents.

Adding water gives seed the courage to come out of its comfort zone, start making its base, break its shield and keep on going deep in ground to make a firm base: This role is played well by one’s Teacher/ Guru who makes the child realize his/her potential and strives day and night behind it to help it grow, make a firm base, break its comfort zone and make it ready for the change to face the outside world. (A well-said quote:”Change starts at the end of one’s comfort zone”) An interesting point here is, as the water disappears post doing its work but retains its qualities, the same is the role of a teacher who stands back behind his student and looks at his journey, believing in the child to grow, trains him for the outside world, though he (Teacher)isn’t physically present throughout the journey his teachings are there till the end helping the child grow.

As the plant starts its journey once sprouting out of the ground, it is greeted by the light giving him the direction to grow, to realize its way, mark its journey and create its own significance. Friends, family, relatives, close acquaintances, and bestie’s play this role of helping the seed grow. Friends being the important part as one spends most of the time with them. Again a well said quote “Surround yourself by people who help you grow”.

The incidences in life (good or bad) are like the weather conditions which either create hindrances in the journey of seed, or can even ameliorate it. In each case the seed never decides to go back to the soil, but stands firmly fighting all odds, giving us a lesson of not looking back but to fight our way ahead. Here comes the important part of its roots and the soil, the stronger its roots are, the more it can withstand and grow, similarly the more stronger ones nurturing and teaching’s are the more ahead a child goes.

The best part which I like about the plant comes now of being grounded but with work and strength of reaching the sky. A word each human has to be kept reminded, may your work, success and persona reach sky highs but always be grounded and thankful to the ones and Almighty Lord who helped you grow and make you what you are today, they may not be physically present, but because of them you are what you are today…!!

Happy reading.

-Viraj Lele

(P.S : Was pinched by this thought in morning and decided to pen it, with me as the seed and the people around as my support systems including my lovely bloggers. It took a lot of time to make the image as I was editing over to get the right fit. Hope you all love it.)


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