One more Prayer


Praying hands

The rain stopped falling today.

All of the clouds seemed to have gone away.

The sun shone bright and clear;

The dew sparkled with glistening, radiant cheer.

Upon each flower, a smile and a touch of laughter appeared.

A song came singing amidst the wind so cool and calm,

Making me remind the view of the pristine palm.

Why then Lord, do I feel such despair?

Feeling overloaded with worldly cares?

Why then O Lord, are my eyes filled with much sorrow and tears?

My heart aches for comfort,

My mind for peaceful refuge through the power of prayer.

Though I have perceived all the beauty around me,

My spirit cries out loudly;

“O Lord I am empty and bare.”

Hoping to hear your sweet voice once again,

I plead in travail.

“Lord cleanse me from all my sins,

and let your Divine light enter in;

Remember me, as I Remember you,

Make me pure and sweet as you.”

Your sweet, forgiving love flows like a river.

Breaking all the barriers of my lonely fear.

Always be with me and hold my soft hands,

So that I can sleep peaceful, on thy shoulder Dear !!

-Viraj Lele

*Image Courtesy: Google


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