Sense of HOLY touch…



Castles shine on the way uphill,

Stars gracing the sloppy mill,

There came this sound from amongst the hill,

Which shook me over in the daisy grill.

With hard to describe what’s in the mind,

I thought it must have been the person in staying in sill.

The chilling weather kept me freezed,

unable to think I was left in geez.

Those surprising expressions were caught on sight by a

person standing in the Holy light.

Coming closer I felt his sense ;

As if God had come with his Holy presence.

Deeply whispering in my little ears,

It was my God saying cheers.

The sound reverberated in my ears,

His Holy touch on my forehead left me in Joyful tears.

With that happy moment I continued my way,

This time with clear perseverance and a pleasant gay !!

-Viraj Lele


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