Take me away with the Sand



Walking along on a long day

hitting the sand on a high.

Taking the sea breeze in,

I walked my way under the sky.

The ocean was covered,

by the blanket of sun.

With its light piercing in the water,

like that of an arrow in the sky.

Up above my head

was the sun shining light,

Guiding all my steps

and giving me the flight.

On the shore, I walked on and on,

With the waves hitting me and

taking the sand beneath my paws.

I looked down and saw the glittering sand,

shining on me and making the sun shy.

On moving ahead, I experienced

Twin pictures,

The water of the ocean,

cleaning the dirty mixtures.

The hiding stones appeared

like Crystals,

Looking as pure as the

Diamonds of Gestern.

The beauty of this water,

kept me mesmerized.

Purifying the land and soil

all along the years abide.

With the flashing waves

striking me again,

I saw the purification

happening again.

I wished that water could

Take me away with the sand,

Making me serene and

Purifying me like the one in my hand !!

-Viraj Lele

*Image Courtesy: Google


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