Sip by Sip…



With the winters coming over, I felt the chilling in my room,

Waiting for the night to pass, calling the sun to shine over.

The time went shy and stopped moving,

Causing the degree to fall dip by dip.

On the bed, I lazed down bored,

looking at the clock with 11pm on hold.

The rising winter made things chiller,

It was the time to make it Miller.

A desperate wish of an icejuice popped,

Lickering in my mind, my jaw dropped.

Wearing up the jacket he on feet,

Asking for a drive on the skating street.

With jubilant joy I tossed up on bed,

remembering the day, that his Treat was left.

On the shy night we drove past snow,

Killing the cold and punching my low.

On the edge of kirby in came ‘Sonic’

We drove the car as if in panic.

He ordered at once my favourite Oreo shake,

SIP BY SIP I relished it, giving him a gaze.

Putting the car on top gear, We drove back home,

With heart filled joy we enjoyed the Chiller !!

(Remembering December cold)

-Viraj Lele

*Image Courtesy: Google


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