Pangong Panoramas


With its body down apart shining in the sun

and glowing in the dark.

A mix of colors throwing apart, scintillized its

beauty in the eyes of past.

With the white sand blushing away its aura,

The waters of aroma kissed its face hard.

I walked along the shore making the water ripple,

With shadow following me licking the water twinkle.

Chirping birds played their skills, all along the shore,

Some going deep while some flattered in the search of more.

With the range of mountains protecting its little daughter,

I walked passed Pangong exhaling laughter.

With the sun changing its path and preparing for its rest,

The blue Pangong turned its color like the paper of litmus test.

Taking this phenomena down my young heart,

I closed my eyes in serene letting the breeze pierce apart.

With a day full of Extrapolation had caused me to tire,

But the Panorama of Pangong broke this huge mire..!!

-Viraj Lele
*Image Courtesy: Google

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