Lost Alone


With the breeze on shore kissing my hair,

Fluffing it up and down like the one in rare.

Looking at the horizon at the very far end,

 I sat on bench with  Ice cream in my hand.

The orange sun kept looking at me in complete Awe,

With its light spreading over the ocean seeming to dance Zing-Zong.

With the walks of crowd roam around me,

The Loneliness went about.

Looking up at the sky, saw the moon staring at me

I kept laughing looking at him, at the two corners of his ring.

With the sun setting as the time passed taking its rays behind the CAST;

The clouds roamed above me with great pleasure but nothing to ask.

I got up and continued my Walk;

With a hope in heart, that one day I will assemble the same CAST!!

-Viraj Lele
*Image Courtesy: Google

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