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Sense of HOLY touch…



Castles shine on the way uphill,

Stars gracing the sloppy mill,

There came this sound from amongst the hill,

Which shook me over in the daisy grill.

With hard to describe what’s in the mind,

I thought it must have been the person in staying in sill.

The chilling weather kept me freezed,

unable to think I was left in geez.

Those surprising expressions were caught on sight by a

person standing in the Holy light.

Coming closer I felt his sense ;

As if God had come with his Holy presence.

Deeply whispering in my little ears,

It was my God saying cheers.

The sound reverberated in my ears,

His Holy touch on my forehead left me in Joyful tears.

With that happy moment I continued my way,

This time with clear perseverance and a pleasant gay !!

-Viraj Lele


Sip by Sip…



With the winters coming over, I felt the chilling in my room,

Waiting for the night to pass, calling the sun to shine over.

The time went shy and stopped moving,

Causing the degree to fall dip by dip.

On the bed, I lazed down bored,

looking at the clock with 11pm on hold.

The rising winter made things chiller,

It was the time to make it Miller.

A desperate wish of an icejuice popped,

Lickering in my mind, my jaw dropped.

Wearing up the jacket he on feet,

Asking for a drive on the skating street.

With jubilant joy I tossed up on bed,

remembering the day, that his Treat was left.

On the shy night we drove past snow,

Killing the cold and punching my low.

On the edge of kirby in came ‘Sonic’

We drove the car as if in panic.

He ordered at once my favourite Oreo shake,

SIP BY SIP I relished it, giving him a gaze.

Putting the car on top gear, We drove back home,

With heart filled joy we enjoyed the Chiller !!

(Remembering December cold)

-Viraj Lele

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Pangong Panoramas


With its body down apart shining in the sun

and glowing in the dark.

A mix of colors throwing apart, scintillized its

beauty in the eyes of past.

With the white sand blushing away its aura,

The waters of aroma kissed its face hard.

I walked along the shore making the water ripple,

With shadow following me licking the water twinkle.

Chirping birds played their skills, all along the shore,

Some going deep while some flattered in the search of more.

With the range of mountains protecting its little daughter,

I walked passed Pangong exhaling laughter.

With the sun changing its path and preparing for its rest,

The blue Pangong turned its color like the paper of litmus test.

Taking this phenomena down my young heart,

I closed my eyes in serene letting the breeze pierce apart.

With a day full of Extrapolation had caused me to tire,

But the Panorama of Pangong broke this huge mire..!!

-Viraj Lele
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Take me away with the Sand



Walking along on a long day

hitting the sand on a high.

Taking the sea breeze in,

I walked my way under the sky.

The ocean was covered,

by the blanket of sun.

With its light piercing in the water,

like that of an arrow in the sky.

Up above my head

was the sun shining light,

Guiding all my steps

and giving me the flight.

On the shore, I walked on and on,

With the waves hitting me and

taking the sand beneath my paws.

I looked down and saw the glittering sand,

shining on me and making the sun shy.

On moving ahead, I experienced

Twin pictures,

The water of the ocean,

cleaning the dirty mixtures.

The hiding stones appeared

like Crystals,

Looking as pure as the

Diamonds of Gestern.

The beauty of this water,

kept me mesmerized.

Purifying the land and soil

all along the years abide.

With the flashing waves

striking me again,

I saw the purification

happening again.

I wished that water could

Take me away with the sand,

Making me serene and

Purifying me like the one in my hand !!

-Viraj Lele

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Importance of TODAY


As the shining rays of sun pierces

the dark night and brings in the day,

I wake amidst the sun and believe


The glowing light refreshes me,

fills me with energy,

I walk on the grass bare feet

and experience the fantasy.

The breeze that comes gushing

my face leaves me gazed,

I run up the hill to hug it and

lie down amazed.

The flowing river castling down

brushes away my feet,

I look at its purity and bow down

to kiss the lovely treat.

As the shining sun eludes and

takes its rays away,

I thank God to make me understand, the importance of Today !!

-Viraj Lele
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Lost Alone


With the breeze on shore kissing my hair,

Fluffing it up and down like the one in rare.

Looking at the horizon at the very far end,

 I sat on bench with  Ice cream in my hand.

The orange sun kept looking at me in complete Awe,

With its light spreading over the ocean seeming to dance Zing-Zong.

With the walks of crowd roam around me,

The Loneliness went about.

Looking up at the sky, saw the moon staring at me

I kept laughing looking at him, at the two corners of his ring.

With the sun setting as the time passed taking its rays behind the CAST;

The clouds roamed above me with great pleasure but nothing to ask.

I got up and continued my Walk;

With a hope in heart, that one day I will assemble the same CAST!!

-Viraj Lele
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