On your Birthday…


With the glooming dark surrounding the sky,

Making the night like an evil’s eye.

Engulfing the streets were the dark shades,

Making people worry like dizzy blades.

The crazy sounds from the near jungles,

Horrified the atmosphere with great mingles.

Stretching its dark hands on the glowing lamps,

The night appeared except moon and stars.

A light passed my face when I was deep frozen,

thinking what will happen in the coming seconds.

Calming me down in such a weary atmosphere,

With the gentle hands moving on my back and experiencing a serene pleasure.

As if a new life had entered, piercing the dark

and breaking it into shackles.

Making the dark shiver with her compassionate flavour,

It was you dear “Mamma”, removing all the fear.

Giving me a new today to look upon and exult,

Bringing back the glow of the blooming weather.

Your hands guided me in every step of my life,

I Thank you dear “Mamma” for bringing me in this world and giving me a new life.

The Holy hands of yours patting my back and loved my cheeks,

are like the one of God with a gentle meek.

I Thank God for sending you to me;

coz without you I wouldn’t be complete!!

-Viraj Lele

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